Saturday, December 24, 2011

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - December 24

December 24 - Christmas Eve
How did you, your family or your ancestor spend Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve has always been a special time for us. Even as a child, Mother would serve up egg nog and fruitcake, and we would sit about and sing Christmas carols until we were hoarse! Then we would watch old Christmas movies on the television, until thoughts of Saint Nick passing our house by because we weren't in bed asleep, drove us to our bedrooms. Many Christmas Eve's my sister [who is 22 months younger than I], would crawl into bed with each other, even though we had our own beds, and our own bedrooms! I had a double bed in my room, and she only a twin, so it was always in my bed we would climb. There we would giggle and contemplate on the great amount of gifts Santa was certain to leave under the tree for the two of us!

More than one Christmas Eve we attempted to stay awake until midnight, just so that we could see if the pets would kneel down and speak in human voices, like our Grandpa said they would! [Later he told us only those in the stable or barn would do that... not domesticated dogs or hamsters or guinea pigs!]

As we got older and into our teens, we continued having egg nog and singing carols on Christmas Eve.

Once I had children of my own, I continued the egg nog and desserts of nutmeg logs, cookies and fruitcake. We continue to sing carols as well. And just before we turn out the lights before heading to bed, we read from the Scriptures, Luke chapter 2. The story of the nativity.

These simple traditions I hope we can continue always. And I hope that my grandchildren, and even my great-grandchildren, will know these simple traditions as well.

Have yourself a Merry Christmas!


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