Thursday, November 17, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - Martha and Her Family

This is a photograph of a portrai. The photograph was taken through the glass of the original frame to the portrait, and as such, isn't the best quality. I had seen copies of this photo before, all were extremely dark, and you couldn't see the facial features, mostly just the outline of the individuals. But I put the photo into GIMP and was able to lighten it considerably. [Much more and the light reflected in the glass begins to take on a mind of its own and whites out the entire portrait!]. So I was quite pleased with this final result!

So... just who are these individuals?

The man seated is Joseph Preston McCormack. And the woman is his wife, Martha Caroline Bean McCormack.

The young lady standing in the back is Martha's daughter from her first marriage, to Thomas Steele. And the younger children are with Joseph.

Martha was the youngest child of William Bean [1792-1864] and his wife Rachel Wiseman Bean  [1790-1856]. Martha was born in Monroe County in 1836 and died there in 1893. She was 57 years of age.

Martha was my great-grandfather's sister.

Martha and her husband are buried at the southeast corner of New Zion Union Church in Waiteville, Monroe County, West Virginia.

I am thrilled to finally have a face to put with Martha. Perhaps giving me a glimpse as to what her mother might have looked like.

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