Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Laura Arabella Beane Cyrus

"LAURA A.                 WILLIAM
    CYRUS                     PRESTON
JUNE 14, 1886              CYRUS
                                  FEB. 12, 1861
                                  NOV 20, 1919
MOTHER                       FATHER"

Located at the Ellis Cemetery, Putnam County, West Virginia.

Laura Arabella Beane was the daughter of Archibald Marmaduke Beane and Margaret Dunbar Beane.
She married William Preston Cyrus [1861-1919] in 1881 in Putnam County, West Virginia.
She was the mother of Annie [1882-1956], Walter F. [1884-1940], Mary M. [1882-1974], Maude M. [1892-1989], Christina Adaline [1893-1976].

Laura Arabella Beane was my 1st Cousin 2x Removed.



Did you figure out what the item below was?


The answer is...

Post Medieval silver cosmetic set (16th –17th century, probably) comprising four tools secured at one end by a silver rivet with separate washer. The tools consist of an ear scoop; a nail pick with claw end with engraved ornament at the claw; a flat tool with the end shaped to form a pointed oval; and a point/flattened pick perhaps for use in parting the hair. The tools all have a flat rectangular cross-section. The hooked tool consists of a flat handle which expands on the right side to form a bulb before narrowing and then curving round to form the hook.

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