Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday

DEC. 15, 1883
AUG. 15, 1929

Ada Burdette Bean with two of her children - about 1920. We believe the two children are Emmette and Anna Margaret [holding a pet squirrel].

Ada was the daughter of Hugh H. Burdette [1860-1944] and Annie S. Level [1866 - 1935].

Ada married John M. Bean [1866-1954] in 1907. [John was a widow at the time, and father of three very young chidren.] Ada came into the home and continued to raise those children, as well as to have nine children of her own with John.

John Monroe Beane, Jr. [1908-1972]
Emmette Lorimer Beane [1910-1988]
Blanche Audrey Beane [1912-2002]
Anna Margaret Beane [living]
William McHarvey Beane [living]
Samuel Maxwell Beane [1919 - 1923]
Ada Eleanor Beane [1921 - 2007]
Dorothy Eloise Beane [1923 - 1925]
Jack Bean-Ashley [living]

Ada died shortly after the birth of her last child from toxemia, having not received proper medical care during her pregnancy.

She is buried at the Carmel Cemetery, Gap Mills, Monroe, West Virginia.

She lies with her step-daughter, Pauline, children Samuel Maxwell and Dorothy Eloise, and John and his third wife's lost child, Roy Edwin, directly behind her. It is almost as if John made sure she was placed where she could watch over the children for all eternity.

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