Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Use Only Verifiable Sources

There are rumors and reports running around, yet again, of the illegitimacy of Abraham Lincoln [as if that should really matter at this dateand time!]. These rumors are not new, although some would have you believe they are. They are unsourced and have no proof of their claims.

The lesson to learn from these unsourced reports is simple.

When you are adding information to your files, be sure to use verifiable data sources. Not only does your source have to be from an area where others can access it, but it also must be from a source that has a quality that not only convinces others who are reading your research, but will convince other researchers.

He said/ she said will not provide proof of anything in your research project! Make sure you provide the proof that is totally researchable and totally convincing!

Until next time!

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