Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Little Professionalism...Please!

Ok. So today I learned that I don't have the most business savvy in our household. Ugh!

I was putting together a report I did for a client. This client had purchased 40 hours of research. What I came to realize when I was tallying up the total hours involved in this "40-hour" project was that I had actually performed a little over 68 hours of research!!!

Yeah, I got a little carried away and was so involved in this project! I mean, this was practically virgin territory! There were alot of published genealogies on this family, but none of them listed any sources! On top of that, as I began doing the research, there were numerous errors on these published trees! The whole time I was photocopying documents and printing off census records, military records, and death certificates, I kept saying aloud "Where's the professionalism in any of this? Come on people!"

Then husband says, "Come on, Cyndi! Where's the professionalism! You're giving away over 28 hours of your work!"

Yeah, I know, that's not business savvy. Sure can't make a living doing that! Right?

But I'm not complaining. Nor am I browbeating myself. And neither is dear old hubby.


Because for me, this isn't just my business. This is my PASSION.

I couldn't be doing anything that is making me more happy than this!

[Well, nothing that is except some rocky road and a good love story on the tube!]

Hope you're having a GREAT weekend!


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