Thursday, July 17, 2008

Seize From Every Record Its Unique Genealogy Evidence

Once more, Arlene Eakle has outdone herself!

Arlene is a well-known Virginia genealogist, historian and lecturer.

In yesterdays feed Arlene wrote a most inspiring work regarding the title above.

"Seize from every record its unique genealogy evidence" is her advice. She goes on to tell us to combine all of our gleanings together to create as complete a picture as possible regarding each person we research. She states "This is a genealogy axiom."

Arlene states that by doing these simple things we can go on to trace even difficult to find ancestors. Arlene should know! She has a remarkable 96% success rate!!

One of her many tips is that when the money runs out for a research project, she keeps a special notebook and takes it with her everywhere she goes. If she sees data that might break the line open, she goes ahead and retrieves it for another day. How wonderful! So many of us end a project, and it literally "ends". She later shares it with the client.

Arlene ends by stating: "...your ancestors can also be identified if you SEIZE FROM EVERY RECORD ITS UNIQUE GENEALOGY EVIDENCE and then re-combine that evidence to prove each person. It is not in copying the information that we err. The difficult step is combining the facts to develop the family history."

How true and how wise Arlene! We thank you for your hard work and efforts in keeping us educated!


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