Monday, July 7, 2008

No Oklahoma Record????

Imagine our surprise when in one daily newsletter we received today, a well-known genealogist [whose name we will not mention] reported that there are no 1900 Census records for Oklahoma.

This prominent, professional genealogist, who has been practicing for decades, reported that she had never seen a 1900 Oklahoma Census.

Was she serious? or was she just being facetious?

Well, friends, there IS Census records for 1900 for the area now known as Oklahoma. You will find it listed as either "Oklahoma Territory" or"Indian Territory".

I tend to believe the newsletter I read this morning was playing at sarcasm rather than being serious.

However, I did receive about a dozen followup emails asking me if the writer had been serious or not.

Come on folks! A little common sense please!!!

Keep it together until next time!


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