Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back Again- Ethnic Searches

I can't believe that I did not get to the blog yesterday. It was one of those days when I could not get enough done all day! Seemed I was running in quicksand and getting nowhere fast!

However, I do my best work late in the evening and into the wee hours of the morning. Most nights never hitting the bed before 1 A.M. And I love it.

Last night was no exception. I was up about midnight and researching a family in Santa Fe with obvious Hispanic ancestry. They thought they had always emigrated from Mexico about 1800. Well, they were partly right. They did come in New Mexico Territory about 1800 from Mexico. But the story did not begin there!

It seems they had only been in Mexico about 40 or 50 years. Before that, they had been in California. They were actually of Spanish descendency! Their family had helped to found a mission in middle California in the mid-1700's! The lovely part was that it was all well documented with church records! I can't wait to let them know what I have uncovered!

I get such a thrill when I uncover a large unknown part of someones ancestry. To me it is like a "high". I literally get a "rush" from it. When I think I am about to have to quit and go to bed because I am too exhausted to go further, I find a tidbit, and suddenly, I am wide awake and going full speed ahead!

I had always heard that when you performed your passion for your"job" it was no longer a "job", it was your passion! I had often wondered if it were true. And believe me, when it's something you love and are passionate about, it is no longer a JOB!

I want to share with our readers that I am in the process of applying to become a Daughter of the American Revolution [DAR]. This is an elite membership limited to those individuals who can trace their ancestry directly to a person who served in the American Revolution. In my case, my great-great-great-grandfather was a private in the Pennsylvania and North Carolina Militia's. Joseph Wiseman's daughter, Rachel, married William M. Bean. Their son, William M. Bean, Jr. was the father of my grandfather, John M. Bean. When I have finally been accepted, and there is no problem with that, as the proof is quite evident of my ancestry, then we will apply for my Dad to become a Son of the American Revolution [SAR]. It is quite the exciting process!

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