Saturday, July 26, 2008

Naming our Children

Well, a bit of a stomach virus has kept me down for the past couple of days, and I haven't been able to tackle this board for a bit, so I hope our many readers have not been too upset with me!

In lieu of trying to come up with something original, let me praise those who have the heart and desire to name their children after other family members.

As most everyone knows, I am the mother of five grown children. When I was married to the children's father, [many, many moons ago!], I was in an abusive relationship and could not follow my hearts desire which was to name my children after those individuals whom I most admired and loved. Of course, my children have all turned out fine, regardless.

But I was reminded this week of those desires when my cousin's granddaughter had a newborn daughter and named the newborn after another relative. Little Katie Jane is named after my cousin Frank's daughter, Katherine ["Kate"] and after my cousin, "Jane". Little Katie Jane is going to be a strong and formidable woman! She can't help but be so with names after strong strong women, who have put their faith in a God they serve, and a family they love more than life! And she's such a cutie, as you can tell from her picture! [She's going to break the boys hearts one day!]

I did want to remind everyone that there is a LONG tradition regarding the naming of one's children after their relatives.

In the 1800's, boys were named first after the paternal grandfather, second after the maternal grandfather, and then after the father. Subsequent sons were named after brothers or uncles. Daughters also were often named after paternal grandmother first, then maternal, and then mother, followed by sisters and then aunts.

It was not uncommon for a girl to be given a male ancestors name. Or a close version of it: Davida for David; Stefan or Stephanie for Steven/Stephen, etc. Johnnie for John. Clark, Michel, and many others.

Usually, during the 1800's we are able to figure out who most, if not all, of a family's children were named for.

Name a child after someone else is a sign of reverence and respect.

It's a tradition that I personally think should be revived.

I personally would like to see a son named, George Thomas Abraham Theodore _______[insert last name here]. Especially during this election year! All past president's names. All with qualities we should all aspire for!

Have a GREAT weekend!


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