Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sentimental Sunday

“Hello. My Name is Barbie, and this is my boyfriend Ken!”

And so would begin our conversations as Mother would slip to sit beside me and my sister on the floor.

Mother would reach into the array of Barbie’s and Skipper’s and pick out one to play with. She’d immediately have to find an outfit she liked, something always so much fabulous than whatever the doll was currently wearing!

And so our play would progress, with giggles and squeals, and hours of play time fun!

I will always remember Mother, her legs to the side, and tucked up under her skirt, looking for all the world like a legless doll perched and ready for play! [I remember telling her once that I thought she looked like Barbie!]

Mother would even sit for hours at a time and cut out and sew new clothing for our Barbie’s, and even for Ken when he came along!

Eventually, Barbie outgrew her small, black vinyl case, and lived in a lovely townhouse! Before she had a car that could be bought from Mattel [trademark], we made her cars, and even buses, out of cereal and cracker boxes! Ken was always her cute chauffer, or the cool bus driver! And the couple even went horseback riding on my [gasp!]  Breyer horses!

Oh, we had dozens of kinds of dolls as we grew up. But I don’t think any evoke such a strong memory with me today, as sitting on the floor and playing Barbie dolls with my sister, and Mother!


Joan said...

That wonderful world of "make-believe" was a place not only for children, but a mom too. A lovely memory.

J. Green said...

What a great memory! Thanks so much for sharing. My mother-in-law always says the best thing you can give your children is time. I bet Barbie was always glad to see you three!