Saturday, April 7, 2012

Surname Saturday - Texican's Pops

It's no secret that Texican didn't know his Dad, who left the family when he was a wee tot. But as a very young boy, and young man joined their family, and became everything a Dad could be. Texican's stepfather was named Edwin Darl Custer. Fortunately, he lived to see Texican grow into a man. But not long enough for me to meet him. "Eddie" or "Pops" as Texican knew him, passed away in 1974, and I count it a great loss I never knew him. The tales his family shares today warm you through and through.

It is in Eddie's honor we follow his Custer line today, and that of Texican's three siblings born to Eddie and Betty, Texican's mother.


Edwin Darl CUSTER

son of William J. CUSTER and Essie G. HARRIS[1, 2] was born on 20 Jan 1933

in Dunlo, Cambria, Pennsylvania

[1, 3, 4]. He died on 09 Apr 1974 in Universal City, Bexar, Texas[3].


Betty Louise Rotge daughter of John Cornelius ROTGE and Ora Lee Sparks[3, 5] was born on 30 Aug

1930 in Kerrville, Kerr, Texas[3, 6]. She died on 05 Jul 2003 in Jourdanton, Atascosa, Texas[3]



William J. CUSTER son of William J. CUSTER and Maxine wifeofWilliamCuster[3] was born in 1906 in


Essie G. HARRIS daughter of William H. Harris and Maude M. UNKNOWN[3] was born in 1913 in


William J. CUSTER[3] was born in Belgium[3].

9. Maxine wifeofWilliamCuster[3] was born in France[3].

Unfortunately, this is about as far as I have come with this. It is my hope to eventually be able to get a comprehensive and as complete as possible family tree for my brother and sister-in-laws as I can.

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