Thursday, April 26, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - A Gift From Papa

Years ago, [don’t ask how many, and I won’t tell!], my Daddy was in the Navy and spent many, many months away from his family. My sister and I, along with out Mother, spent our days talking about him, our evenings were spent penning him long letters, and praying for God to send him home safe to us.
Daddy would write short little notes whenever he could. Sometimes nothing more than a line or two! But we anticipated every single note we got!
And every time Daddy would arrive back home, he’d bring the “three of his girls” something special.
One time a real crocodile leather purse from Italy; another time a rosary blessed at the Vatican; another time a pair of wooden shoes from Holland. And the list went on.
Here’s a little something he brought back to me from Japan. It’s getting pretty brittle, and I really should frame it, instead of leaving it open to the air.
He probably paid very little for it. But to me…. It’s one of my life’s great treasure’s. Because Daddy brought it for me.

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