Friday, April 13, 2012

Family Recipe Friday - Grandma's Dandelion Greens

I well remember when I was a young girl, heading out into the front yard with Grandma Bean, and gathering dandelion greens for wilted dandelion green salad!

Grandma would tear the leaves just above the roots, because we "might be able to get a second helping later on!" Then she'd drop the young plants into a colander and we'd take them into the kitchen and under cold running water, she would wash and clean the plants. She'd tear any remaining roots off the plants, as well as remove any heavy or thick stems.

Next, she would fry up some bacon. [About a quarter pound of it.] This she'd place in a cast iron skillet and fry until completely crispy. Then she'd drain it on a tea-towel. Once cooled, she would crumble this into small bits.

Next she'd boil an egg, and then use the water after boiling the egg to blanche the dandelin greens. Which she'd plunge into cold water afterward.

Now the dandelion greens went in a porcelain bowl. The bacon bits placed on top. The boiled egg, chopped and crumbled with it.

In the skillet with the bacon grease now went a few tablespoons of cider vinegar. Once this was heated thoroughly, the whole amount would be poured over the greens and tossed.
Salt and pepper were added. And our dandelion greens were ready for eating.

Oh, how I loved to eat this with my Grandma! She would tell me, "This is good remedy for your blood! Better than a tonic!"

Now, in my trailer park front yard, I see the dandelions coming in. And all I can think of is Grandma, and sharing the greens with her.

Today, I buy dandelion greens in the produce section of my local market. They are considered "Organic Salad Produce", and cost a fortune! Still, every now and then, I simply have to purchase a bag!

And I wonder, what Grandma would think of me spending "good, hard earned money" to buy something I could get for free, in my own front yard.

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