Thursday, April 5, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - Granny's Bug

Okay, so it's not really a bug. But when I was a child, I saw my Granny Dreher wear a certain pin that used to make me shiver. To me it was an ugly bug. [She even teased me with that bug, and chased me through her flower garden one time when I was about 8!]

Then, Grandpa sat me down, after I had run into the house and told me not to be afraid of it. [I am still afraid of insects... and we won't go into how old I am now!] He told me this bug was actually a "good luck bug". He took me upon his knee, and dragged his huge, library dictionary, next to his rocker, and had me look up the word "scarab".

Well, my revulsion soon became fascination.

Fast forward many years, and shortly before Granny passed from this life, she asked if there was anything she could leave me. I asked to receive that pin.

It's not a particularly pretty pin. And it's gemstones are simply costume. It measures abou 2-inches by 2-inches. I wear it now and again, and each time that I do, I am reminded of my averion to it, and Granny chasing me with it that summer. I am also reminded of Grandpa helping me to overcome my fear of a little golden dung beetle!

It is truly a part of my treasure chest.

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