Thursday, April 12, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - Grandma's Topaz Ear Bobs

My Grandma Bean did not have pierced ears. "If God wanted us to have holes in our ears, he'd of made them", she used to say.

But Grandma always wore clip on, or screw on "ear bobs" when she dressed up. [Grandma was born in a whole different century from us, and many of her colloquialisms were different than ours.] Earrings were always "ear bobs" to her.

Grandma had several pairs, but one pair in particular meant something to me. They were a lovely pair of clip on earrings, with an amber colored stone set in them. I was born in November, and topaz is my birthstone. So, I often played with these as a child during dress up, but only right there in front of Grandma, as she didn't want me to lose them. And I was always careful, because I wanted to play with them another time, and I made sure to treat them with respect, so Grandma would let me wear them another day!

Grandma came to live with us when I was only 5. Shortly after I turned 15, Grandma passed away. Mother packed away her things. Years later, when I was grown and married, with children of my own, Mother brought out Grandma's little box of jewelry. And these are what I chose for my own keepsake from it.......
...Grandma's earbobs.

I don't wear them, as they are clip on, and my ears are pierced, and the clip on simply aggravate me. I know I could easily convert them. But I haven't had the heart to change them from the way Grandma wore them.

Still, I bring them out, and sometimes slip them on in front of the dressing mirror, and remember a time when I would put them on and my Grandma would say, "You are the prettiest girl in all of the land!", making mefeel just like a princess.

How I miss Grandma today!

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Heather Kuhn Roelker said...

What a sweet story and happy memory!