Friday, April 6, 2012

SNGF - Easter Egg Hunt!

From Randy over at GeneaMusings Remember those Easter egg hunts you had when you were a kid? Or you hosted when you were a parent or grandparent of small children (or even big children...)? Remember the happiness and joy you had finding the eggs hidden in the garden or the field? And the goodies sometimes found inside them? I'm really looking forward to the Easter egg hunt in our front yard for Lolo and Audrey on Sunday morning.

I have a Genealogy Easter Egg Hunt for you! Here's the directions:

1. Pick a target family that you want to find in the 1940 U.S. Census.

2. Determine their street address if you can using the available information (see How Can I Find Out Where My Folks Lived in 1940? for ideas).

3. When you find an address, go to Google Maps or the NARA Enumeration District maps website (, or on ( to find the specific block that your target family resided. Note the two cross streets and the back street for that block.

4. Go to the Steve Morse Unified 1940 Census ED Finder ( and enter your state, county, and street information in order to find the Enumeration district number for the target family.

5. Use the FREE 1940 census collection ( or the FREE 1940 census collection ( to see the census images for your target state, county and Enumeration District.

6. Navigate page to page to find your target family. If you find the target family, show us! And save the page to your computer hard drive.

7. Those are your genealogy Easter Eggs! Enjoy them - browse some more! If not, try again with another target family.

8.. Tell us all about it on your blog, or in comments to this blog, or in a Facebook Status, or a Google Plus Stream post.

Okay, so for once Randy... there's not an absolute thing I can do here! Why?

Would you believe me if I said everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE I am interested in the 1940 Census lived in rural America, and didn't have street addresses! Nope. Not a one of them. Simply farm and home numbers.

So, for this SNGF challenge.... I reckon I'll simply have to pass, and wait for your next challenge next Saturday!

Could you do this week's challenge???

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Randy Seaver said...

Hmm, so you saw this when I mistakenly posted it today, then deleted it quickly. Drat. It was up for an hour...I forgot to date it ahead.

You can, of course, browse through the rural areas too. You can find the ED on the NARA maps and go from there, if you know where the folks lived in 1940.