Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - More From The Bean Cemetery

We have thusfar, on Tombstone Tuesday reviewed four of the known graves in the Bean Family Cemetery, located near Waiteville, in Monroe County, West Virginia. We have named William Bean, his wife Rachel Wiseman Bean, their daughter Nancy Bean, and another daughter, Emily Bean Long.

Today we will add yet another name to ou list. That of Emily's husband, Thomas Long.

But first, let's remind you that the stones you see have no visible markings for their graves occupants or identification. As such, we are using these stones to symbolicall represent the individuals we are reviewing. The stones you see are very much headstones in the actual cemetery. But time and age have lost their identification markings. And there are no living individuals who can point us directly to who lies within each grave.

The stone you see here is fragmented, and is rectangular, upright in appearance. It is definitely a crude, chiseled stone. Areas appear to have been flaked away to shape the stone. It does lie at the head of a large burial indentation in the ground. It appears to be an adult sized grave. There are no markings left visible to assist us otherwise with this stone or its occupant in the grave.

Thomas J. LONG  was born 1810 in Culpeper, Virginia to Brumfield LONG and Letitia ROACH. He was the eldest of at least five known children born to the couple.

On 03 Sep 1833, Thomas married Emily BEAN, [1814-1889] the first-born child of William BEAN and Rachel Wiseman BEAN. Thomas was 23 and Emily was 19 at the time of their marrage.

Thomas was a farmer by trade. He and Emily lived in the Dropping Lick and Back Valley areas of Monroe County. They went on to have eleven known children:
William B. LONG    [1834-1859]
John Wesley LONG    [1836 - 1864]
Jarrett Morgan LONG    [1838-1926]
Mary LONG    [1839-(1900-1910)]
Overton Bergis LONG    [b. 1841]
Rachel LONG    [1843-1924]
Archibald LONG    [b. 1845]
Allen Madison LONG    [1849 - 1935]
Thomas Washington LONG    [1851 - 1938]
Elizabeth A. LONG    [1853 - 1942]
Nancy Ann LONG    [abt 1856 - 1925]

Thomas died 15 Apr 1888 while living on Dropping Lick. He was 78 years o age. He is believd to have been buried in the Bean Family Cemtery, located across from the old Bean home near Waiteville, in Monroe County.

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