Saturday, June 4, 2011

Surname Saturday...Great-Great-Grandmother Was Named Annette

My great-great-grandfather was named Joseph EVE. He was married to a woman named Annette. And that's all we know about her.

Perhaps if you are reading this, and know the family, you would be kind enough to pass on any information you may have regarding this unknown woman who was the mother of my great-grandmother.



Cynthia Ann BEANE was born in New Albany, Floyd Co., IN. She was the daughter
of 2. Walter Maxwell BEANE and 3. Lois Velleda DREHER. She married Johnnie Lee HENRY  in Covington, Alleghany Co., VA, son of Joseph Wright HENRY and Betty Louise Rotge. He was born in San Antonio, Bexar Co, TX.


Walter Maxwell BEANE was born in Waiteville, Monroe County, WV. He was the

son of 4. John Monroe BEAN and 5. Mary Elizabeth FAUDREE. He married Lois Velleda DREHER

in Presidio of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.

Lois Velleda DREHER was born in Georgetown, FLoyd Co., IN. She was the daughter

of 6. Henry Condar DREHER Jr. and 7. Irene Caroline BANET.

Henry Condar DREHER Jr. was born on 31 Dec 1902 in Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky. He died on

17 May 1977 in Indiana. He was the son of 12. Henry Condar DREHER and 13. Josephine Sophie

Benzel. He married Irene Caroline BANET on 12 Dec 1923 in Indiana.

Irene Caroline BANET was born 24 May 1906 in Indiana. She died 08 Aug 1989 in Gap Mills,

Monroe Co., WV. She was the daughter of 14. Francis Isidore Banet and 15. Adeline Josephine EVE

Francis Isidore Banet was born on 15 Aug 1863 in Indiana. He died in Apr 1945 in Indiana. He was

the son of 28. Isadore Banet and 29. Rosalie SPRIGLER. He married Adeline Josephine EVE on 31

Oct 1893 in Floyd County, Indiana.

Adeline Josephine EVE was born 11 Feb 1867 in Indiana. She died 05 Nov 1958 in Indiana. She

was the daughter of 30. Joseph EVE and 31. Annette.

Joseph EVE was born on 11 Jan 1829 in France. He died on 08 Jan 1892 in New Albany, Floyd Co.,

IN. He was the son of 60. Unknown Eve and 61. Unknown. He married Annette before 1858.

Annette was born 12 Feb 1840 in Indiana. She died 01 May 1870 in Indiana.

***Thank you one and all for your consideration in sharing any known info on this family!

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