Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sentimental Sunday...My Earliest Childhood Homes

This small little duplex, noted at the rear of the photo, is where we lived in 1961 when my baby sister was born. I can barely remember playing in a wading pool here. I have no recollections of the interior of the home. But do recall the sandy yard. Located at
9526 15th Bay Street, Norfolk, Virginia.

A short time later, we moved up the stree to this house....

located at
9570 15th Bay Street.
Some of the huge pine trees have been removed since we lived there, and the front porch has been closed in and made into a room. The outside stairs were not there when we lived there, either.
The yard was completely sandy, except for one small patch of grass, which Mother kept cut short with a pair of sewing shears! [That's how tiny the patch of grass was! She didn't feel it warranted the need for a lawn mower purchase!]

Most of my earliest memories are in this house!

In 1965 we moved into this house, located at
9562 12th Bay Street, Norfolk, Virginia.
We moved here because we needed another bedroom. My Grandma Bean moved in with us that year, and at the last house, she was having to share a room with my sister and I. Here she was given a modicum of privacy with her own bedroom.

This house had proper grass for the yard! And a HUGE back yard for the two of us little girls to play in!

I used to walk to school from this house. [The little elementary school is no longer standing.]

In 1967 we moved here...

...4600 Krick Street, Norfolk, Virginia.
It was here that I entered my teen years, had my first kiss, and have the most of my memories from childhood.

In 1973 we moved to West Virginia. And I married a just two years later for the first time.
But that.... is a story for another day.

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