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52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Week #24 - Clothes

Another great challenge!

Week #24 – Clothes

Week 24. Clothes. What types of clothes did you wear as a child? What was “in fashion” and did your style compare?. What types of clothes did you wear as a child? What was “in fashion” and did your style compare?

Okay, can I say, officially, this was probably the most fun I've had in a while with the challenges!!!

Let's begin at the beginning!

I would suppose as far as diaper-wear was concerned... I was dressed as fashionably as any other 1950's baby!

Eventually, of course graduating into some real clothes, I have to admit, Mom dressed me stylishly! Here I am in the official 1950's era biking outfit for little tykes! How cute is that?

Tea parties, of course, required more formal wear. And a garden party dress was indeed in demand!
Here Dolly and I share our tea time together at a table reserved just for us!

As I got a little older, I did begin to notice what my friends were wearing and demanded to be dressed according to the fashion statements of the times. T-shirts were rarely seen in those days, except as under garments. Here I am, with my beloved Grandpa Dreher, in a stylish two-piece ensemble consisting of matching shorts and sleeveless top. Perfect for those summer outings, when we visited with family in Indiana!

The same year, at home, in a matching turquoise shorts ensemble. Complete with matching headband.
This was in front of our home in Norfolk.

The next year, my clothing became a little more formal, as did my hairdo [note the little beehive!]
I remember this outfit well. It was actually one of my favorites, as what appears to be a jumper with a blouse underneath, is actually a jumper with a dress beneath. They could be worn seperately, or together as shown here.

The next year, I am seen here with my Dad, and my cousin Betty Jane. You can just make out that I am wearing a maroon colored wool jumper with a mdaras plaid short-sleeved blouse. Note my ever present knee socks!

The following summer, on the farm in Corydon, Indiana, where my Grandparents lived, with the horses and dog.

Two years later, and we were entering 1970. Note the long lean look! Matching outfit still.
I was still curling my hair, and trying to look hip. We actually began wearing t-shirts around the house at this point!

And a year later... I am into the mini-skirt and peasant blouse look! [That's my little sister on the side, critiquing my new outfit!] I thought I was so cool, and looked "groovy man!"

And yet, the next year, I began maturing. While "hippie" clothes were okay for around the house, Mom insisted on looking proper when we went out!
Here I am [far right] with my Mom [isn't she gorgeous?], and my sister [Eydie], before church one Sunday morning. Mom had made her own and my sister's dresses. Aren't they charming? Mom made many of the clothes we wore.

I stop here, because we specifically were charged with the clothes we wore as a child. From this point, I went through many phases, including my hippie-grunge phase, where even I am ashamed to see the old photos! LOL

As a child, and a teen, I was wearing the same styles of clothings as my contemporaries. And then continued until I finished school and was married. I later went through many phases, and my clothing often reflected where I was at emotionally at the time as well. The happier I was.... the more time I took with my appearance.

I loved going through these old photos! Seeing the clothing styles, and remembering the days!

Keep the challenges coming!

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