Thursday, March 31, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday...UFI's

Okay... so something similar to UFO's [Unidentified Flying Objects], UFI's [Unidentified Family Images] are just as perplexing!

Here are some of my latest acquisition in UFI's...
...all of these photographs come to us courtesy of Talma Williams Clarkson, and are most likely members of the Williams family, from Monroe County, West Virginia.

Aren't these women simply lovely?
What a wistful expression on this one!

And look at this very lovely young lady!
She looks to be about 12-15 years of age.

And here we have two playful young boys with their gardening hoes. The youngest appears to be quite happy in his role, while the eldest looks quite perturbed!

And here we have a faded portrait of a very young infant.

This young lady is wearing spectacles, and what appears to be a short coat.

Here we have two youngsters.

And this almost appears to be the same two as above... look at the little boys brows...they seem the same.

And last... two young women.

If any one has any clues as to these women's identities, please be sure to contact me!

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