Thursday, March 17, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday

Emmanuel Clements and his wife, Martha Balch Hardin Clements

Emmanuel [aka: Mannie, not to be confused with Mannen] was born 1813 in Kentucky, as the son of William Clements, and his mother is only to have been known by her surname, Polk. He was one of at least ten children born to the couple.

After William died about 1830 in Tennessee.

In 1858, when Emmanuel's brother John died, he and his wife adopted John's children. Emmanuel and Martha had arrived in Texas about 1837, with a 640 acre land grant in Liberty County, shortly after their 1836 wedding.

Mannie and Martha had eleven children, including James Thomas Clements, aka: Jim. Jim rode with his first cousin, John Wesley Hardin, the rather infamous western outlaw.

Martha was sister to James Gipson :Gip" Hardin, who was the father of John Wesley Hardin.

Mannie and Martha are Texican's great-great-great grandparents.

Mannie and Martha's son James Thomas Clements married Annie C. Tennille.
Their daughter, Laura May Clements married William Jacob Sparks.
Their daughter, Ora Lee Sparks, married John Cornelius Rotge.
Their daughter, Betty Louise Rotge married Joseph Wright Henry.
I am married to their son.

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