Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm Not Jumping On The Macavo Bandwagon Yet!

Mocavo [] is a new genealogy search engine that is being reviewed by many researchers in the genealogy community.
So far, I have seen only excellent reviews of it. It seems to work with serious lightening speed, and crawls through a multitude of free genealogy sites, allowing researchers to look without having to pay an exorbitant fee! Hurray for that!

However, I did go to the Mocavo  site with high expectations, after reading four separate reviews this morning.

Sad to say, I was seriously disappointed.

For each of the four names I input-ed into the search engine, using the specified quotation marks around the name I was searching for, I was indeed quickly the recipient of dozens of web sites where my ancestor was mentioned!

However, each and every site I was referred to was a web message board. These were not informational sites, but rather simply message boards. In order to locate where my ancestor was even mentioned, I had to read down entire pages of messages, many having nothing to do whatsoever with ancestry as writers complained over sites being hacked, or arguments and bullies on the sites were present, etc., until at long last I located no information about my ancestor, but rather only someone elses question regarding if anyone had any information regarding the ancestor in question!

I can't say that I'll be using the system, unless it improves drastically.

But that's just this researcher's humble opinion. If you have other experiences, please feel free to post them here! We'd love to hear your positive experience with Mocavo!


Randy Seaver said...

Would you please change your links to Not Macavo. Thanks.

Texicanwife said...

Thanks Randy! Lucky for me, Mocavo evidently anticipated this error, as when you type it in either spelling it still comes to their website!
Again, many thanks for the correction!