Thursday, August 5, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday

This is a photograph that I recently obtained of my great-grandmother's sister, Nannie Carnefix Smithson.

Nannie was the daughter of George W. Carnefix [1831-1864] and his first wife,  who is believed to be Sarah Elizabeth Patteson [b. 1835  - d. abt 1859]. With Sarah George had 2 other known children: James [b. 1856] and Charles [b. 1858]. Nannie was born 01 July 1854 in Greenbrier County, [W] Va.

Nannie married Thomas Henry W. Smithson [1852-1914] on 08 Mar 1876 in Greenbrier County. The couple went on to have at least 11 children:
Lucy [1877-1936]
Emory [1878-1913]
Henry [1881-1943]
Elizabeth [1884-1905]
Verner [b. 1887]
May [b. 1887]
Margaret [b. 1888]
Mary [may be the same child as Margaret]
Lewis [b. 1890]
Charles [1892-1911]
Taney [1895-1911]

As you can see, most of Nannie's children died very young. Only Lucy and Henry reaching beyond the age of 60.

The above photo was taken in 1907 of Nannie. She was 53 years of age at the time.

Nannie died 20 Jun 1911 at Richwood, Greenbrier County, WV.  She was 57 years of age. She is buried at the Baber Cemetery in Greenbrier County.

After the death of his first wife, George Carnefix married Mary Susan Daugherty on 02 May 1860. It is believed they had only one child together.  Elizabeth [called "Eliza"], on 08 Jul 1861 in Sweet Springs, Monroe County, WV.

In 1861 George enlisted with his brother Ben in the Confederacy. Both were killed at the Battle of Cedar Creek, in Bath Co., VA on 19 Oct 1864. One of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. Here nearly 6,000 Union soldiers were lost, and nearly 3,000 Confederate. Much to the dismay of the Confederacy, the Union Army won this campaign. And three young Carnefix soldiers were lost that day.

George was my great-great-grandfather. Eliza, his and Mary Susan's daughter, was my great-grandmother.

Mary Susan later married Jacob Elijah Wickline, in Monroe County.

Eliza grew up and married Stephen Ledford Faudree in 1878, when she was but 17 years of age. The couple went on to have ten children.

The eigth born child, Mary Elizabeth, was born on 03 Jun 1898. She was my grandmother.

It wasn't until just very recently that we finally got a glimpse of my great-grandmother's siblings, and discovered when and how their father died.

I am blessed to have a copy of this photograph of Nannie.


Bob Baker said...

Verner Liele Smithson b: 16 Dec 1882 Sugar Hill, Greenbrier Co., WV d: 3 Feb 1960 Richwood, Nicholas Co., WV, married my cousin, Veva Violet "Via" McGuire 3 Nov 1922 in Greenbrier Co., WV. They ran a jewelry store in Richwood WV most of their married live. Via was still running the jewelry store in the early 1990's after she was 90 years old. Verner was the son of Thomas Henry and Nannie Carnifax Smithson. I was not aware that his grandfather George Carnifax was killed while serving in the Civil War. Thanks for this interesting article

Texicanwife said...

Thanks Bob for the info on Verner and his wife!

I had that he married Violet McGuire on 3 Nov 1922. Did they have any more children besides Kay [born & died 17 May 1924 - found in the Baber Cemetery]?

Many thanks for your comments!

Bob Baker said...

I have found the following Smithson's that have gravemarkers in the Baber Cemetery as per the Willaimsburg District, Greenbrier County Cemetery Books.

Charles D. Smithson b: 31 Aug 1882 d: 29 Jun 1911.
Elizabeth Smithson b: 27 Jun 1884 d: 5 Apr 1905.
Emery K. Smithson b: 9 Sep 1878 d: 18 Jun 1913.
H. W. Smithson b: 1881 d: 1943.
Kay Smithson b: 17 May 1924 d: 17 May 1924 Parents: V. L. & V. V. Smithson.
Nannie W. Smithson b: 1 Jul 1854 d: 20 Jun 1911.
Tane C. Smithson b: 22 Oct 1895 d: 20 Aug 1911.
Thomas H. Smithson b: 15 Jun 1852 d: 19 Feb 1914.
It appears Kay is the only child of Verner & Violet McGuire Smithson buried in this cemetery. I have a fairly complete listing of their descendants if you are interested.