Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Searches

Unfortunately, I have about exhausted all of the surnames I could possibly locate in my ancestors for a Saturday. And I have just about taken all the siesta's I can handle! So I have decided to make my Saturday's a bit more spicy [well... at least for me!] and am making my Saturday's into "Searching on Saturday". Here I will examine one of the many individuals I am searching for more informatio on.

And if you see someone you know in these searches, how about letting me know what ya know about them!

Today I'm going to introduce you to my great-great-grandfather, George W. Carnefix.

George was born about 1831, and we believe he was probably born in Fayette County, [West] Virginia. His parents were William Carnefix and Nancy Holsapple.

George married Sarah Elizabeth Patteson, we believe between 1851-1853. Little is really known about Sarah. The couple had at least three children: Nannie [1854-1911], James [b. 1856] and Charles [b. 1858]. Sarah died shortly after the birth of Charles.

In 1860 George married Mary Susan Daugherty [b. 1834-1871]. The couple had daughter, Elizabeth on 08 Jul 1861.

On 03 Aug 1861, George enlisted in the Confederacy, along with his brother Ben.

On 19 Oct 1864, the battle of Cedar Creek in Bath County, Virginia was the site of one of the bloodiest battles in the Civil War. Nearly 6,000 Union soldiers were lost, and nearly 3,000 Confederate. Despite their massive losses, the Union won this battle.

Unfortunately, three Carnefix soldiers did not return to Monroe County from this encounter. It is assumed they are buried at the site of the Battle.

In 1873, Mary Susan married a widower, Jacob Elijah Wickline.  Jacob lived until 1905. At present it is unknown when Mary Susan died, although according to Jacob's death record, he was still married and not listed as a widower, so it presumed she died sometime after his death. Jacob died in Greenbrier County, but his body was returned to Monroe County and buried in Sweet Springs, probably in the Wickline Cemetery there.

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