Friday, August 20, 2010

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Today I'd like to introduce you to My Father's Posts.

This delightful blog is chock-full of the wonderful newspaper posts of Ebenezer Ray.

According to the site, Ray's bio reads: "I am now at the beginning of this new journey. Right now, I don’t know how long my father wrote his column or if he wrote for other publications. I do know the first column appeared February 18, 1933 under the title “Xcuse Me.“ Later columns were dubbed “As We See It,” “You and I” (only one) and later as “Dottings of a Paragrapher.” And I now know the name of his mother, Malvina Alkins, whom he mourned in print when she died in 1936.

How ironic that as my ink-stained colleagues and I lament the demise of print, the most exciting development in my life as a journalist involves learning how to use a microfilm machine to decipher very old hot type.

I have created this blog to preserve my father’s legacy as a newspaper man and most of all to explore the history that is so much a part of me.

Elaine C. Ray"

Ray's daughter, Elaine posts this blog with actual microfilmed copies of Ebenezer' Ray's posts from the paper.
And what a treasure this is!
Ray was a treasure indeed!
One of the most recent posts that Elaine did had these two lines by Ebenezer, which resonate oh so much, even today, near 76 years after he wrote them: "The public is used to taking things for granted. It assumes certain things should be simply because they are."
Hmmm, profound,  and perhaps a bit prophetic! Just plain right on!
What a treasure Ray was! And I think you'll agree with me, Elaine Ray deserves praise for bringing this writer, her father, to light!
Be sure to visit My Father's Posts, you'll walk away with an elightened spirit!

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Indeed, a good find! Thanks.