Friday, August 6, 2010

Follow Friday

Simply put... this has been about the best site I've seen this week! And certainly the most fun!

You have got to visit ALIEN SPACESHIP THEORY OF GENEALOGY  to read one family's take on where their family came from, and why there are no documents available to prove or disprove their existence where they were known to have cohabited!

I have absolutely fallen in love with this theory, and believe I may actually have one or two ancestors who arrived, and thus disappeared, in like manner!

Be sure to check it out!


reh ncw said...

WOW WOW Thank you very much for this new source of valuable information. My theory was my relatives were so poor they just dropped dead somewhere in dem hills and their bones just decomposed. But the insight that they may have been beamed up ---after all they were hill people, where we know most of that there activity takes place. surely clears up a lot of my family mystery. Thank you so much for helping me from all those dusty court records, and hunting and pecking for records. I will check newspapers for sightings of bright lights in dem old hills on days of question. Much obliged, your fellow family historian---ruth
ps i plan to comment a thanks to the original post also.

Texicanwife said...

Certainly 'splains alot about some of my family quirks too!