Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday Singing - It's Time For Church Ya'all!

Sunday Singing
It's Time for Church Ya'all!

I'd like to invite ya'all to come along with me, as we head on over to our little country church. We're gonna have a little preaching, and a lot of singing. About 1:00 we'll take a break for some dinner the good church ladies have made. We've got it all set up in the orchard on some plank tables. Bring your quilt so you can set yourself down and enjoy your dinner.

When your done eating, we're gonna have some singing outdoors! So, you might want to bring along your lawn chair to get a bit more comfortable. 

We'll grab us some sweet tea, do a little toe tapping, hand clapping, and if the Spirit moves, we might even do a little jigging and jagging!

So, sit right down, I saved you a spot on the pew next to me!

Here we go!

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