Friday, August 18, 2017

How To Make Your Final Plans - Or Friday's Final Fantasy Finishes

How To Make Your Final Plans 
Friday's Final Fantasy Finishes

Most of us at least consider leaving a Will behind when we die, simply because we want someone we care about to get what we own now. (Or, if you can't take it with you, make sure someone gets all your junk!)

Earlier this week, I came across a a fun page (okay, it's on Crave Online so you know it's crazy!), and it tells about some pretty insane things people have put in their Last Will and Testament.

Being the me that I am, I simply had to find a way to share it with all of you! So, consider it a Friday Funnies, as the title says, Friday's Final Fantasy Finishes.

Please click the link here to be taken to this hilarious look at these Last Wills and Testaments.

Enjoy! (It's okay, really! Go ahead and laugh out loud! Laughing is good for you!)

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