Saturday, August 5, 2017

Society Saturday - Did Your Ancestors Belong to Any Societies?

Society Saturday
Did Your Ancestors Belong to Any Societies?

Freemason symbol

To the best of my knowledge, none of my ancestors belonged to any forms of societies. Of course, it may be that I just haven't uncovered that information yet, also!

Oh, but wait a minute! They did!

When we think of "societies", we usually think of things like the Freemasons,  or the Lion's Club, or Kiwanis, or maybe even the KuKluxKlan. But there are other societies that we often overlook.

The Missionary Aid Society, the Girl Scouts, the Boy Scouts,  the Honor Society, or sororities and fraternities.  These are all organizations, or societies, that our ancestors may have belonged to. And I'm sure you can think of several more if you stop and think about it.

When recording your family history, don't forget to add these societal connections to your family members! Tell us much as you can find out about them within their particular organization. Did they hold an office? What position did they hold? How long were they affiliated? Did they work on any special projects?

Provide photographs if you have them.

Get their story from the first person if they are still living!

Future generations will love finding out about the societies your ancestors belonged to, whether that be the Freemasons, or the Girl Scouts!

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