Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sippin' Saturday - It's All In The Drink

Sippin' Saturday 
It's All In The Drink

As many of you are aware, I enjoy a drink now and again. 

Our ancestor's believed in having an enjoyable drink. Well, at least the men folks. They drank the hard stuff, while the women folks stuck to cordials, and such. It really wasn't until the advent of the 20th Century that drinking to be sociable became such a bad thing in the eyes of the local churches.

And alot of our ancestors made their whiskey themselves. Yes, they really did. A fine southern gentleman could be considered fine only if his plantation made a smooth sipping whiskey. (We call that moonshine in the 20th and 21st centuries.)

I recently decided to try some moonshine. I mean, after watching the Hatfields and McCoys on television and their moonshine biz a few years ago, I have been dying to try some. And I have found, much to my amazement, that it's pretty good! Especially the flavored ones!

I am particularly fond of Tim Smith's Climax Moonshine. It comes in several flavors,

here, left to right, peach, plain, and, grape. It's the grape I am quite fond of. It is very smooth, and quite enjoyable. While I doubt my ancestors enjoyed grape flavored moonshine, perhaps they mixed it with grape juice, which makes a delicious drink!

And.... is my latest favorite, also Tim Smith's Climax brand. It is the Fire Brand. It is made with hot cinnamon. (I can't wait till fall to mix it with warm apple cider! Gotta be so good!)

We've come a long way from Grandpa's sippin' corn whiskey!

And even from the way Grandpa made it!

To today's modern distilleries.

I bet Grandpa would be proud!

I am reminded of the George Jones song, "White Lightning".

Enjoy the singing, while I think I'll go pour me another sip!

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