Friday, August 11, 2017

Follow Friday - Using Pinterest

Follow Friday 
Using Pinterest

Do you have a Pinterest account?

These days, it seems everyone does. On this site we are able to share photographs, and articles from interesting sites, or that we make ourselves with hundreds, if not thousands, of other viewers.

We are able to create Boards where we can specialize those items we pin. Yes, think of each board as a bulletin board. You can specialize each board and pin items that are particular to that board. Such as one of my favorites, Genealogy News. Here, on my account, I am able to pin wonderful articles that I have either enjoyed, or have learned from others. And you can follow other people's boards as well. Getting to see what unique articles they are able to save as well.

I love that I am learning more and more about genealogy simply by following Pinterest boards!

So, how do you find these pins on everyone's boards? 

Go to and in the search box, simply type in what you would likie to find. (You name it, and someone has pins of it!) But, if you'd like to learn more about genealogy, simply type the word genealogy into the search window. Believe me, you can spend days (maybe weeks!) poring over the pins there! And if you visit the sites that they are linked from, you can learn so much! I've learned so much that I have started keeping a journal of sites with articles that I have read, so that I can reference back to them when I want to! Yeah, it's that cool! You don't want to bookmark the pages, because believe me, there will be too many bookmarks saved!

If you haven't already signed up for Pinterest, go ahead and do so now. Play around and see what others are saving to their boards for now. And then decide what things you are most interested in. Set up some boards and beginning pinning!

No matter what subject you are interested in, you'll find pins!

Well, I pin, and I pin, and I pin some more!

You can even pin your family name! You'd be surprised how many people will turn up with similar, or the same pins!

Visit it now, and learn just how you can use Pinterest to assist you in your genealogy research. It's a site well worth utilizing!

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