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Making Monday Memorable

Making Monday
(and every day)

Do you ever wish you knew more about your ancestors? Of course you do! We all do! For a very few, a very lucky few, their ancestor was kind enough to have left a diary, or a journal behind that filled in the gaps, and let them know more intimate details about their ancestor.

But, how many of us have been thinking about our descendants? Would they be interested in finding out about us?


Well, fortunately for those who follow me, my grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren, etc., I have been keeping a diary, and now a journal, since I was about 8 years old when I received a diary for a Christmas gift from my Aunt Ethel. (She's gone on now, but my diary remains!)

Simple diaries, with a notation once a week would be nice. Just a run down of what you did for the week. Or you might want to wax poetic! Write a few poems, or songs, for your descendants. You might make daily entries. Tell about how your day went, what you did, where you were. That was my diary until just recently.

Oh yes, I finally discovered the beautiful art of bullet journals. I keep a daily bullet journal that includes my To-Do-List for both personal and work. It includes my daily Bible study notes, it includes 30-day journal challenges, and it includes my diary. That's not all. It also includes my budget. My correspondence list. And my checkbook register. My menu and my grocery list. And so much more! Even my mileage, and gas fill ups! And reminds when to get my oil changed, or tires rotated!

Yes, I have found the wonder, of wonders, in a bullet journal! And I am totally smitten!

No longer do I miss birthdays, anniversaries, or have late bill payments, but I need only gather my journal and I can even tell you what I'm having for dinner tonight, because my menu planning, and even my grocery list, are in it as well! And I carry my journal with me everywhere I go. It makes life so less complicated for me!

I not only have learned to become so organized, but it finally dawned on me, that I am leaving behind as about as much information as anyone can possibly know about me for my descendants! It will show them EVERYTHING there is to know about me! The good, and (ahem) the bad! Not so sure how happy they will be when they find out I overspend on my credit card, or that I binge watched The Tudors for the 10th time! (Ha ha)

Here's the last full journal I have. (I am working on another, that's nearly full already!

This is a handmade leather, embossed journal. It was from my Dad for Christmas this past year. (I usually fill up anywhere from 1-2 diaries in a year, but bullet journals are taking up about 3-4 a year!)

Here you can see the lovely Tree of Life embossing on this journal. 
It's pages were a handmade paper, and were blank, which I really loved!
Some people like lined journals. And still others use graph paper, or the dot graph paper. And others print out combinations of pages and put them in ring bound journal binders. I like this much better!

This gives you an idea of my doodling on the left, and my Bible study notes on the right.

Some of my doodling becomes colored. I love using colored pencils, especially on good paper. It doesn't bleed through, or fade onto the facing page.

And here is an example of my bullet journaling. It shows my To-Do-Lists, as well as some small doodles.

Well, now, how many of you have considered that your descendants would one day get a look at your diary? (I know I'm not the only one who keeps one!) Or better yet, what about your journal?

Of course, if they are smart, when I pass on my family will consider them a bunch of nonsense and simply throw them out in the trash. 

But with all sincerity, they do keep me organized. And with even more sincerity, I do wish my ancestors had thought to keep one!


But, then, what would I be doing now if they had? And isn't it so much fun trying to locate information on them?

Do you keep a diary or a journal? What do you think about your descendants reading them? Knowing that someone will one day read them when you are gone, will you censor what you write in them? Will you address your descendants? Will you leave them special messages as you think about them reading what you have written?

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