Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wishful Wednesday - A Functional Home Office

Source Unknown: Found on Pinterest at various contributors sites

I have wanted a nice home office, ever since my dear hubby retired and I gave him the bedroom I had been using for an office, for him to have an office.

I have another bedroom, that has been used for storage for some time now, and I am hoping to get it into shape in the next couple of months. but any organization will go slowly, because as I said, it's been used for storage. So, in the future, about part of it will become storage, and the rest, my home office. I've already decided I would hide the storage. It will be placed in bins behind a wall made of 6-foot bookcases. That will leave me with about 2/3 of the room for office space. Enough that I can work freely.

I would LOVE something like you see above. With plenty of bookcases for all of my books, and research. A desk where I can sit facing the door, and place 2 chairs in front of it for clients. Nice oriental carpeting to set it all off.

A place for the printer, within easy reach of the desk, yet out of sight.

And a closed cabinet/hutch for all of my office supplies (printing paper, ink cartridges, pencils, pens, scissors, etc.).

What is your Wish for this Wednesday?

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