Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wedding Wednesday

Ethel and Paul's Wedding Day
22 February 1947

This photograph was taken on the day my Aunt Ethel and Uncle Paul were married. Left to right are my grandparents: Irene (Banet) Dreher, Henry Dreher, their daughter - Ethel (Dreher) McCutchen and Paul McCutchen. They have all passed on now. Dear, sweet souls, and I miss them every one.

Grandma was a little firecracker. She could be sweet when she wanted to be, but she could let you have it when she was mad! LOL

Grandpa was a master carpenter. He built a little of everything. But his cabinetry was simply beyond belief! This man was also a scholar. He studied his Bible daily. And read the dictionary like many of us would read a novel. He once told me that when you give up learning, that was when you lay down and die. He learned something new everyday. And he was very into politics! During the Watergate incident, he would send my Mom newspaper clippings and ask her opinion of this or that. Yeah, if you wanted to get him started on a lengthy tirade, simply ask him what he thought of Richard Milhouse Nixon!

Aunt Ethel was a nurse for many years. Believe it or not, she became an LPN through a correspondence course!  In her later years, she worked as a volunteer in a nursing home. Uncle Paul, what can I say about him? He loved the outdoors. He was often seen in buckskins and going to Mountain Man rally's.

The photograph above was taken just a little over 70 years ago. Weren't they all simply gorgeous? That was when Men were Men, and Ladies were Ladies. (I keep saying I was born in the wrong time era! LOL) I love how the women dressed in the 30's and 40's and 50's.

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