Thursday, May 25, 2017

Those Places Thursday

I have so loved sharing those places with all of you! Thomas McEntee came up with the correct answer last Thursday! Yeah Thomas! Sorry, no prize, but maybe we can start doing that soon if enough people get involved!

Today I'm going to take you someplace else.

This photo is taken from a post card. (Yeah, don't you wish I could photograph like that? Me too! LOL)

It's what you can't see that I want you to tell me about. I know you will notice a very famous landmark in the distance. What I want you to tell me, is what famous landmark is this photograph taken from? There are clues. So, if you've been to this city, you should be able to figure out where the photographer was at when taking this pic!

Let us know where you think the photograph was taken from. Check back tomorrow for the correct answer!

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