Saturday, May 20, 2017

Shopping Saturday

Shopping Saturday

Is this you? Do you go out one your days off from work, and spend, and spend, and spend some more? Do you see something on sale, and automatically think "It's such a bargain, someone I know can surely use this!" And then you buy it, put it up at home, until you need a gift for someone?

That's never been my thing. I don't enjoy going shopping. Perhaps that's because as a kid growing up, my Mom (whom I loved so much!) would drag my sister and I along with her when she would go shopping. Usually 1 to 2 times a week. At any given time during the year, you could open up a store from all of the things my Mom had purchased!

After she was married with a daughter, my sister used to live for Saturday's when she and Mom would go shopping! At one point, both my Mom and my sister told me that they worked just so that they could shop all they wanted to!

Mom passed on two years ago. But before she did, my sister finally got the idea that maybe there was more to life than just the stuff that filled it.

So, do I ever go shopping? Not if I can help! I'll go so far as to make out a detailed shopping list and send dear hubby after groceries. Yep. I HATE shopping. I hate comparing prices, so I can get the better deal. I hate having to walk among the masses of people who are rude, crude and socially unacceptable. What do ya mean I'm terrible? Seriously? You can't tell me that you haven't had someone "waft" past you in a store and smelled their funky behind! Oh yeah, I'm going there!

Have you ever looked at those stupid pictures taken at that blue big box store, yeah, you know the one I mean. Well, let me tell you, if you think pictures are fake, go find yourself a bench in there and just sit for an hour. Smell what walks past you. P-e-e-E-w-e! Stinky people!

And the clothes some of them wear! I know your butt has grown some since you first bought those spandex workout pants in 1980. But you don't have to wear them to the store and show me...
let's just pretend I'll take your word that you can still fit into them!

Or worse, the kids screaming, and the Mama's screaming back at the kids! Come on ladies! If you can't control them from screaming, then lock them in the trunk while you shop! (No, I'm just kidding! I am NOT telling you to do that! Seriously!) But hire a sitter if you have to!

And there's the shoplifters you see. Come on! Camera's everywhere and your security team doesn't see it? But let me try to walk out the door, having paid for an item, clutching the receipt in my hand, and a very loud "Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!" and flashing blue lights go off, because some clerk forgot to take the alarm tag off of a pair of $1 flip flops! Yeah right.

So, you folks go ahead and go shopping on your days off from work. This ol' country woman will be sitting at home. Her tired tootsie's propped up, watching Netflix. Sipping on a lovely margarita! And laughing at you all.

Do you make a list when you go shopping? Or do you simply wing it? Let us know!

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