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Sibling Saturday - Louis the Stammerer

Charles the Bald
My 29th Gr-Grandfather

It isn't often when I've been able to trace someone's family Member's back to such early dates. I have one client who I was able to take their ancestry back to the 3rd Century. Usually, unless someone is of notable historical value, you won't be able to. But in this instance, I was able to take my ancestry back to Charlemagne.  (Not that he was such a good guy mind you, but I do pride myself in having found documented proof back that far!)

And here is another of my ancestors. Charles the Bald. Old Charlie was King of West Francia (843-877), King of Italy (875-877) and Holy Roman Emperor (875-877) where he was known as Charles II.

Old Charlie was married to my 29th Gr-Grandmother, the first of two wives, Ermantrude of Orleans (823-869), and she herself, was of noble blood. Together this couple had ten children. The eldest was Judith of Flanders, my 28th gr-grandmother. And next came Louis the Stammerer. (What a handle!) And that is who we will be discussing today.

Louis the Stammerer was born to Charles the Bald and Ermantrude of Orleans in 846. He was their second born child. It is believed that he was born in West Francia (France today). And his name indicates his unique manner of speech, which came not because of speech impediment, but because he was so shy as a youth that when he stood before others, he became quite nervous, and would so stammer.

Louis the Stammerer

Louis became King of Aquitaine and later King of West Francia (on his father's demise). In the French monarchial system, he became known as Louis II.

In 856 Louis was betrothed to one of Erispoe, Duke of Brittany's, daughters. However, Erispoe was murdered in 857, and thus the contract of marriage was considered broken.

Louis did, however marry twice.

Louis married first to Ansgarde, of Burgundy. With her he had two sons, Louis and Carloman. He also had 2 daughters, Hildegarde and Gisela. Sometime in 869 Ansgarde died. The reason is unknown. Perhaps in childbirth. But that is merely conjecture.

Louis married second, Adelaide, of Paris, about 874. With Adelaide, Louis had a daughter, Ermentrude. He also had a son, who was born five months after his death, Charles the Simple, who also become King of West Francia, after the death of both of his half-brothers.

Louis is said to have been described as "a simple and sweet man, a lover of peace, justice and religion". However, his last act was to lead a march against invading Vikings. It was during this march that Louis became ill and died on the night of 9/10 April 879(because he died in the night, you will see his death date listed as both the 9th and as the 10th of the month).

On his death, Louis' realms were divided between his two sons, who became known as Carloman II and Louis III of France.

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