Monday, May 22, 2017

Mappy Monday

I cam across this medieval map of England on the National Geographic site. It looks awesome. Of course, you aren't able to read it. I know that! That's because the map is for sale. And at a reasonable $19.99.  It measures at 22.75" x 29.25". A good size for framing or simply pinning up to a board while doing research on your ancestry. I think I'm going to order it.

I have recently discovered my family, through 2 of it's various and sundry lines, goes back to medieval England, and even further back than that. (Dahling, the kings and queens of Europe are well documented don't ya know?, she says with her snobby nose in the air. -tee-hee!)

National Geographic has a lot to offer for your genealogy quest. This is the first piece I'm ordering, though. Just because it's what I can use right now. I think it will be fun to pin the places my ancestors lived.

But I'm really torn between this map, which is relevant to the research I am currently working on, or a huge scholar world map. It's about a $40 difference. I have room in my study for either, or for both.

Help me to make a decision here! Which one do you think would be more beneficial? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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