Thursday, September 5, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday - Grandpa's Cabinetry

Here is one of a matched set of corner cupboards that my Grandfather, Henry C. Dreher, Jr. made for my mother when she was in her 20's. [That's a picture of him at the right of the cabinet].
Grandpa was a wonderful cabinet maker and could make most anything he set his mind on. Tables, lamps, cabinets, bookcases, cedar chests, all with the skill of a master, and using very old tools passed on to him from his father.
Grandpa was a smart man, and one of his "words of wisdom" I strive to live by was "Learn something new every single day, and you will never regret it." This from a man who read his Bible daily, as well as his collegiate library dictionary [his goal was to learn one new scripture verse, and one new word, daily!]
Grandpa was born in 1902, and passed away in 1977. There isn't a day, still, that I don't think about him, and wish he were here to give me advice.
I miss you Grandpa!

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