Monday, September 9, 2013

Matrilineal Monday - Great-Grandmother Josephine Benzel

Today we're going to follow my maternal grandfather's mother's line, the Benzel women. Let's begin with great-grandmother...

Josephine Sophia Benzel
Great-grandmother was born 21 July 1865 in Indiana. She married Henry C. Dreher, Sr. 11 Aug 1884. The couple went on to have 10 children, including my grandfather, Henry C. Dreher, Jr.
Josephine's mother was Wilhelmine Lambrecht [1835-1924].
Wilhelmine Lambrecht, seated on left, Josephine Benzel on right, and Josephine's daughter, Florence standing in the rear holding her infant daughter, Mildred Louise.
Wilhelmine married John Benzel about 1860 in Prussia [Germany]. The couple had 2 children in Prussia before immigrating to America and arriving 23 May 1861 in New York.
Unfortunately, this where the trail runs cold.
Wilhelmine and her husband John are buried at Green Hill Cemetery, Bedford, Lawrence, Indiana.
MAY 25, 1835
MAR. 7, 1924
Josephine and her husband, Henry, are buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky...

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