Friday, September 27, 2013

Follow Friday - On the Telly!

That's right folks, you read it right! On the telly! Not on a blog, newsletter, or other written source, but on the telly.

Have you ever wished you could dig deeper into some of the mysteries of our country? Well, Scott Wolter, a renowned forensic geologist is making a difference in the history departments all across the nation. And perhaps, rewriting our nation's history!

Wolter's vehicle is the H2 [History Channel] program, America Unearthed. And if it does nothing else, it makes you think of the possibilities and the reasons behind various and sundry information available to us in the form of our nation's history.
Last week, I enjoyed a variety of Wolter's expose's. Two stand out. One was a show dedicated to the Lost Colony at Roanoke. Where did they go to? Did they move inland? Were they murdered? Did they go to the Croatoan island? And were the Dare stones, all located between 1937 and 1940 [over 40 stones] real or faked? The second was on famed American explorer, Merriweather Lewis. Did he commit suicide or was he murdered? Did he uncover a secret that our founding father's had him killed for? And were the Welsh really America's first real settlers, possibly inter-marrying with the Mandan Indian tribe of the Midwest?
I absolutely do my best not to miss a single episode. But when I do... I head right on over to the America Unearthed   website, and watch the latest episodes there.
If you enjoy American history as much as I do, then you're gonna love this channel, and the website.

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