Monday, September 2, 2013

Matrilineal Monday - Through My Paternal Grandmother

I thought I would switch up the Matrilineal Monday a bit, and follow the maternal lines of my paternal grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Faudree.

Mary Elizabeth Faudree [03 Jun 1897 - 01 Jan 1975] was the daughter of Stephen Ledford Faudree [1857-1929] and his wife Elizabeth Carnefix [1861-1929].
Mary Elizabeth Faudree

Elizabeth Carnefix was the daughter of George W. Carnefix [1831-1864] and Mary Susan Daugherty [b.1834].
Elizabeth Carnefix Faudree

Mary Susan Daugherty was the daughter of Philip Daugherty [1798-1871] and his wife Rachel Lake [1800-1890].

At this point the story ends. Although I am working on it daily! So hopefully next time I will have more to share!

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