Friday, November 2, 2012

Today Is.....Plan Your Epitaph Day

Okay,not a very welcome subject. None of us like to think about the day when we will no longer be around. When our family will be seated at the breakfast table, open the daily newspaper, and see at the top of the obituary column, our name! [Gives me little goosebumps just considering it!]

But what about an epitaph? You know... that little inscription that will go onto our tombstone. Have you ever considered what yours would say?

Hubs and I plan to be cremated. We'd both like our ashes to be scattered. So it seems doubtful that anyone will memorialize us with a tombstone or a plaque.

But let's take into consideration just what my personal epitaph, if I had a tombstone, would likely be.

I've often been told, although a licensed minister, that I can be ever so irreverant. I used to say that I wanted to be buried face down; so that my epitaph could read:

"Such a busy Mom, she always had to fly, buried face down, kiss her bum good-bye!"

[My poor Mother had a ‘conniption’ fit when I told her that!] So, I’d guess that would be out of the question. A little bad of me to consider it, huh?

I suppose, if I had to be serious about it, [and let’s face it, I am seldom that!], I’d want to be remembered for loving my family. And my belief that death is but a doorway into the next life. It doesn’t end here with a good-bye.


 Cyndi Beane Henry

A loving wife and mother,

Preserving the family,

She awaits the day

Of the happy Family Reunion.

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