Monday, November 5, 2012

Looking For Ideas.... For Next Summer

So it may seem I'm jumping the gun a bit. I mean.... who worries about the next August when it's only the 5th of November of the preceding year?

Well, this ol' girl does!

Each year I worry about how our family reunion will come off. We only hold it every other year [biennial], and it really isn't much. But I keep hoping to get everyone enthused and wanting to take part....other than attending and eating, not much happens. [Yep.... they're a dull group! Love to talk with one another and eat... and that's about it.]

So, what they do enjoy doing, I like to do my best to make the most of.

We're a group of any where from 75 to 100 people, so it's pretty small and intimate. So, next August I'd like to make really special for them.

I decided to check out PeachSuite Hotel Supply where I'd heard I could get some good deals on supplies.

I was truly amazed at some of the things I could find there!

No...really! Think Hotel Catering Supplies meets family reunion....and you will totally understand what I'm talking about! Great disposable prices on dinnerware and cutlery. As well as on anything and everything else needed! Included table linens [cloth and disposable].

And of course, they also have Hotel Supplies and Kitchen Supplies.

I am pretty sure I'll be placing an order with PeachSuite for our next family reunion! The site looks fabulous!

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