Thursday, September 13, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - The "Old" Teapot

On 12 December 1923 Henry C. Dreher, Jr. and Irene C. Banet were married in Floyd County, Indiana.
Fast forward to 1973, and the couple are celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary. Many, many well wishers attended a party for the couple, as well as gifts that expressed the celebration.
One of the many gifts the couple received was a lovely teapot. It was unusual in that neither one of the them were tea drinkers. Not even much of iced tea drinkers, much less hot tea!
In 1977 Henry passed away. A year later, Irene moved from Indiana to West Virginia to live in a mobile home behind her youngest daughter’s house, close in case she needed assistance, yet completely independent as she wanted.

Fast forward to 1989, and Irene passed away. Her many belongings divided among those who wanted something. By then I had bought her daughter’s house, and had five small children. When asked what I would like, I asked for 6 owl sculptures from her vast owl collection. I really wanted that 50th anniversary teapot… but was afraid to ask for it, thinking her children would probably deserve it more than a grandchild.
Let’s fast forward to 2010. My Mother, Irene’s youngest daughter, suffered a stroke in 1995, and she and my Father moved into the home with my sister. Many of their possessions have intermingled with my sister’s.

One day while visiting, my sister saw me admiring the many porcelain and pottery teapots she displayed above kitchen cupboards.
“You like hot tea so much, would you like one of these for your own collection?” she asked.
When I said I would be honored, she asked me which one I would like to have. I told her I would let her choose. Although secretly I longed for the “anniversary” pot, I did not say so.
My sister stood on a stool and her hand hovered over one pot, and then as if by its own will, it moved over to the anniversary pot.
“Here take this one,” she said. “It belonged to Granny. I’m sure she would be happy knowing you had it now.”
And that is how this lovely little pot came to be in my possession.

[For those of you who believe, the Scripture says the Lord knows the desires of our heart. I like to think that by not being selfish when I could first have chosen, this was my little reward for asking for the little owl sculptures instead.  – See Psalms 37:4 (KJV)]
At any rate, I now have this lovely treasure on display in my dining area. And while Grandpa and Granny never used it, I treasure it as it is a symbol of a marriage that lasted for over 50 years.

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