Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday's Mentionables - 9/3 to 9/10/2012

Denmark Pioneers Hi-Tech Graveyard Memorials with QR Code
GeneaNet links us to this fascinating article!

What American Towns Have the Most Unfortunate Names
Upfront With NGS brings us this delightful tale of some of Americas towns names.

RV-based Workers Telecommute From Anywhere
Dick Eastman links us to this fascinating report by NBC.

Tips For Breaking Down Brick Walls
Ask A Genealogist gives us great tips for getting where we want to go!

19th-Century Beauty Tips
EOGN brings us a smile and makes us thankful we’re a wee bit more modern!

Emily Dickinson Gets a New Look in Recovered Photograph
GeneaNet links us to a fascinating story about a photograph that may well be the only photograph of the famous poet.

"Universal Genealogical Abbreviations and Symbols"
Genealogic introduces us to international genealogy symbols.

Davenport Cemetery
Tombstone Travels takes us on a mini tour of this cemetery, in the Lone Star State.

Dorset, England: Interactive Gravestones: How the Dead Live On, Online
GeneaNet informs us how the QR codes for grave stones phenom has hit even Dorset.

The Iceland Experiment
Genealogy News  brings us the link to a story of locating genes that may cause illness.

Maybe They Weren’t Smoking When They Answered
Genealogy Tip Of The Day lets us know that sometimes those things that seem so wrong on census records may not be that far from the truth!

Oldest Message in a Bottle Found
GeneaNet links us to a story of a message found adrift for over 90-years.

Through the Wormhole: Human Clones
Morgan Freeman discusses whether or not human cloning is a possibility.

How far back can I go with my genealogy?
Genealogy’s Star answers this question for us.

Frances Hodgson Burnett
Civil War Women Blog introduces us to this fascinating author of some of my childhood’s favorite reading.

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