Saturday, September 15, 2012

SNGF - Three Degrees of Separation

Randy Seaver over at GeneaMusings has come up with another great Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge for this evening!

For this week's mission (should you decide to accept it), I want you to:
1) Using your ancestral lines, how far back in time can you go with three degrees of separation? That means "you knew an ancestor, who knew another ancestor, who knew another ancestor." When was that third ancestor born?

So, let’s start with my Bean/ Faudree line:

1] BEAN: Me, [born 1959], know my Dad [born 1937], knew his father, John Monroe Bean [born 1866 – died 1954], who knew his father, William M. Bean [born 1832 – died 1890], who knew his grandfather, Joseph Wiseman [1759-1836]

2] FAUDREE: Me [b. 1959] knew my Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Faudree [b.1897-d.1975]; she knew her grandfather, Richard Faudree [1834-1902]; who may have known his grandfather, Joseph P. Faudree [b. 1780]

On the Dreher/ Banet side:

3] DREHER: Me [b. 1959]; I knew my grandfather, Henry C. Dreher, Jr. [1902-1977]; who knew his father, Henry C. Dreher, Sr. [1863-1925]; who knew his father, Gottlieb Dreher [1827-1893].

4] BANET: Me [b. 1959]; I knew my grandmother, Irene Caroline Banet [1906-1989]; she knew her father, Francis Isidore Banet [1863-1945]. “Frank”  who knew his grandfather, Ettiene Banet [1795-1871]; Ettiene knew his father, Ettiene Banet, Sr. [1765-1842].

So, the furthest back going three degrees on the BEAN/ FAUDREE  line is 1759.

And on the DREHER/ BANET line is 1765.

Totally awesome! Thanks Randy for another great challenge!

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