Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sentimental Sunday - Story Time

Totally politically incorrect today, but treasured when I was a child was the little story book that Mama used to read to us:

This photo was taken from Time Passages Nostalgia Company as I have no idea what happened to our little book! But this is the exact same copy Mama read to us!

Notice that "Little Black Sambo" appears more middle eastern than African here! And he lived near the jungle.

When Mama read the book to us, she always made all of the animal noises, like the tiger growling! And her voice was inflective with accents, yelling, etc. [Mama was a great storybook reader!]

My favorite part was as she told the part about the tiger running round and round the tree until he churned himself to butter! Every time we'd eat pancakes, mama would ask..."Do you suppose this is butter taken from the tiger who tried to eat Little Black Sambo?"

We'd roar with laughter and then roar again as we ate our pancakes pretending we were eating up the evil ol' tiger!

Mama was great at storytelling and play time! Many was the time I can recall her sitting in the floor with us playing with Barbie or with paper dolls [do kids even play with paper dolls anymore???].

So many times I've thought back... didn't Mama have something she wanted to do MORE than playing with us? Surely she must have. Yet, housework and time just for her was always left until we were napping or down for the night. That's just how Mama was. My sister and I always came first.

Mama can't move about much anymore. And her memory is almost gone. She doesn't recall most of those things. But that's okay, Mama. I still remember them. And I tell my children. And they tell theirs. And one day, my grandchildren will tell their children.

I love ya bunches Mama!!!

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kathy said...

We had this book too. Just like you, my favorite part was the tiger running around and around until he turned to butter. I remember reading this book to my sister (10 years younger) and her correcting me if I left out any words or made any changes to the story. I have attempted to leave comments on your blog before. I have trouble if I don't have the choice of name/url because I have an inactive wordpress blog that it wants to link to. So I'll leave one today with google.